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Welcome to Golf Instruction with Tom Leese!

Teaching philosphy: In order to excel
  • A focus and understanding of basic fundamentals,grip, posture, alignment.
  • Balance to insure a more consitant and repetitive golf swing. to devleop a funcitonal practice routine that will target specific areas for improvement.
Teaching Approach:
  • Working on specific drills or with tools to help establish more feel throughout the swing.
  • Spending time at the practice area will be more productive and less time consuming when focusing on precise areas that need improvement.
  • Practicing incorrect swing will ingrain bad habit,Practicing correct swing will instill proper mechanics.
Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes permanent. We need to ensure we are practicing the correct techniques for us to improve. Thanks to In Slee By Design, Carpet Cleaners in Minneapolis and 24 Hour Locksmith Pros